9 months passed … Placko came to court.

A one-day-old man said that Placco is set to park and one day the embassy is said to be. Although not all of these are commonplace, the property of this building and its business has not yet been determined and will eventually be set up in this area in November.


Saeedi spoke about the claims made by Plasco, and in particular the healthy sector, saying: “It’s now over nine months, and yet there’s not even a demand for a license to rebuild Placa.”

At the same time, he said: “A civilian who works as a parking lot and is located next to the city of Placa, has been plumbed and said that the property is planned to be built with the building of a plastic compound and a new building, but for some time this property has also been replaced by Plumb Has been.

The representative of the healthcare sector at Plasco also said: “In the past and even 20 years ago, the Mostazafan Foundation had taken the ownership of the property, but it was as if at that time the time court had issued the vote in favor of the current owners of parking and against the foundation. These discussions are still under discussion, but now we are asking that at least these problems be resolved by allowing the healthy people of Plasco to work.

Saeedi said that the merchants of this sector have accepted to rebuild all their units before re-activating, but added that for the retrofitting, the owner of the building should not resort to the Mustazaphan Foundation. On this basis, it is sometimes heard in rumors that The building is supposed to become a park and sometimes it is supposed to be an embassy, ​​but it is a question of what will happen to the business of Plasco in the end.

He stated that a few days ago, a group of about 60 to 70 people from the passage met with a complaint from the Mostazafan Foundation, and yesterday this action was taken again, saying that the court is scheduled to be formed in November.

“We have followed our requests from various sectors, such as the municipality, the city council, and many other institutions,” said the representative of the healthcare sector in Plasco, criticizing the trend that the Mostazafan Foundation did not provide to the Plasco Cusco. They defended us but ultimately the owner of the building did not load and, accordingly, in the past months, only the representatives of the healthy part of the Plasco have gathered eight, which, if we want to take into account the total aggregates of the entire Plasco business, will increase considerably.

Saidid said: “Now, with the name of the prosecutor’s office, we were able to remove the New Jersey that was placed in front of the safe doors and get our parts handed over.” Accordingly, we now have a guard for this section and so far we have thirteen thieves.

He said that 55 buildings had been completely unloaded during the time that the building was closed, saying: “These robberies have caused a lot of damage to our shops and colleagues, but more than this theft can be done to the detriment of Infrastructure of the building entered, because during this time a significant part of the infrastructure was stolen and now, although the damage to the shops in total may reach more than 20 billion, but equipment that was stolen in the electricity field could cost five to six billion Have.

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