PARAX International Development Investing Group commenced its primary activity focused on the civil, industrial and agriculture projects field in 1975.

After 30 years of experience with the aim of investment and private section participation and the economic markets in different field, The Company has changed to holding in the investment and trade since 1984.


PARAX Group with the experiences efficiency of nearly fifty years from founders and young motivated staff are and benefit from knowledge management, has mapped clear vision in the economy and trade field in national and international level.

Intelligently and responsibility participation in the financial preparation to engineering management principles in projects, representing special attention to the promotion of the three factor reduce time and costs and increase quality with more advantage.

The major activities of PARAX Group are as follows:

1.     Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing (EPCF) construction projects.

2.     Manage the raw materials market of consumable materials in the form of new technology.

3.     Investment and management of feasibility study projects in setting up production and service businesses.

4.     Engineering and construction management (quality, time, cost, risk, and...) civil and industrial projects.



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