The Amata Technology and Engineering Company was established in 1999 with the aim of providing engineering solutions and creativity in the building industry, as well as using new techniques in implementation and management. The company initially started its activities in Kerman Province projects, and after that it regained its status in Tehran due to its high potential in engineering and technology in Ramina. The company has a base of two buildings and equipment, a base for five oil and gas fields and five water courses from the organization’s deputy for strategic planning and oversight of the President.
The scope of activities of the company is in the field of technical and engineering services, construction and commissioning in the following areas: Transportation: Soyuz Public Works, Extensive Ground Operation, Tunnels and Underground Intersections, Metro Stations and Terminals, Road, Airport Terminal
Building: Residential, Administrative, Commercial, Public and Governmental
Educational and cultural: schools and universities, museums, cultural centers
Medical and Medical Services: Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers
Public and amateur services: Exhibitions, public parks and games, sports complexes
Industrial and infrastructure: factories, water and wastewater treatment plants, groundwater resources, warehouses
Energy, Oil & Gas: Fuel Sources, Sevilla Refineries